The fantastical world of Avatar is set in the year 2150. Yet we are stuck in the very real world of the present day, trying to sell products with 2009 technology.

‘Connecting Worlds’ was an unrealised ARG concept to bridge this gap, where Nokia creates a version of it’s future self set in the same world as Avatar. Our vision was to enhance the film going experience, whilst creating a legitimate space for Nokia to own the discussion around the future of communication.

- Your passport to the future -

Based on the insight that everyone is inherently curious to explore the future, we create a series of wormholes as a mechanic to link the two worlds.

The most basic wormholes exist as QR codes on seemingly innocuous press ads of future Nokia products such as the N-7370 ‘Direct Neural Interface’. But there are hundreds of other wormholes hidden in plain sight across Twitter, Youtube, Nokia websites, partner websites, interactive fly-posters and digital OOH.

- Redefining a film partnership -

When you exit a wormhole, everything is familiar yet very different. Everything is in stereoscopic 3D and the internet has gone intergalactic, with planetary domains.

There are two major entrance points to the 2150 content – nokia.com.earth and navi.pandora – and the central challenge was to make them cohesive and complementary regardless of the consumer’s place in the engagement pyramid.

Nokia (Earth) is a place to explore the future of communication. New Nokia products as well as archives from the R+D labs of 2009. An interactive timeline back to the N97 charting all the major technological developments and Nokia patents. A film about Nokia’s recent work with the “Charity For Returned Marines Unable to Adjust to A Singlular Body”

Whilst the Navi (Pandora) site is an encyclopaedia of all the planet’s flora and fauna and an anthropological study of the native Na’vi culture narrated by David Attenborough’s great-great-great-grandson.

- Example Journey -

  • A video is anonymously posted on an Avatar forum/blog
  • This video shows a psychic speaking half in tongues (Na’vi) and half in Spanish. She says she is channeling a native race that are under attack from ‘foreigners’. She is wearing a QR code brooch.
  • Comments erupt across the internet with fans scrambling to decipher what was said. Someone snaps the QR code and arrives at a .mobi site in the Na’vi language.
  • They google “Na’vi translator” and end up on Ovi, downloading the ‘Rosetta’ app to their phone. They figure out that the .mobi site can be translated with this app.
  • They post the translation back into the film’s comments on youtube.
  • A call to action in the translation drives people to Nokia.com and a digital wormhole that links them the navi.pandora

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